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eCUORE @ Mercedes Benz PITCH

eCUORE shortlisted in top 200 WORLD innovative START-UPS, in Mercedes-Benz Pitch 

at Web Summit Lisbon, the largest world digital event

eCUORE was shortlisted in top 200 WORLD innovative START-UPS in Mercedes-Benz Pitch at Web Summit Lisbon (6th -9th November). More than 3500 start-ups registered, only 200 selected for live pitch. Liviu Chirila, CEO eCUORE & CTO Temperfield presented to the jury the the breakthrough technology and also made important worldwide contacts at eCUORE booth, for technology development and its productization into a smart T-shirt for the public.

eCUORE is a revolutionary e-Health cloud-based monitoring solution with AI algorithms interpretation for ECG events, being used for prevention and prophylaxis purposes for cardio-vascular patients, as well as for sportive or day-to-day activities. As product, eCUORE comes incorporated into a Smart T-Shirt with a non-invasive hardware device, integrated with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms, capable of long-term and real-time patient monitoring and alerting.

eCUORE live in front of Web Summit jury, competing among the first 200 world innovative start-ups. Liviu Chirila, Digital Priest @ Temperfield, made accessible Artificial Intelligence algorithms monitoring and interpreting for the audience, the jury and for our heart health. Always dream big!
eCUORE – real time care for your loved ones!
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eCUORE represents World Next Generation ECG real-time monitoring and alerting solution using Artificial Intelligence, which could hugely contribute to prevent and reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases”, says Liviu Chirila, Digital Disruptor Priest, eCUORE CEO, “as they are the main cause of death, as we speak. An estimated 17.7 million people are dying each year, representing 31% of all global deaths, according to World Health Organization.  At least 3/4 of the world’s deaths from cardiovascular diseases occur in low and middle income countries. The combination between an increased number of deaths, due to population growth, and aging associated with an increase in health-care expenses, represents a challenge for all healthcare systems (public or private). The key is to take the existing remote monitoring technologies, to improve them using AI and cloud solutions, in order to achieve ease-at-scaling growth potential by different orders of magnitude, reducing incidence of cardio-vascular incidents, says Liviu Chirila, CEO eCUORE & CTO Temperfield.


eCUORE Applications are multiple and could enhance the innovations in Healthcare, Insurance, R&D or Automotive.

Healthcare – 100% LIVE Patient Assessment from ANY Remote Location, prophylactic programs for early detection & reducing the number of emergency unit visits. eCUORE permits extra-attention for High-Risk Patients (seniors).

Insurance: Better access to healthcare with a lower impact in costs.

R&D: Remote Clinical Trials: patient-centric oriented programs.

Automotive: In a future world of self-driving cars, using eCUORE technology, we will be able to avoid accidents by  pulling over the car when the driver becomes incapacitated, sending  alert and precise location to 112/911.

eCUORE – real time care for your loved ones.

Web Summit is the world largest digital event, with 60.000 visitors from 170 countries and over 1.200 speakers, among which hundreds of executives from largest tech companies & capital funds, as well as former & actual state presidents, European Commissioners, UN General Secretary or European capital mayors or +2600 journalists.

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