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Temperfield went beyond professionalism in handling the particular challenges we had in configuring a functional, reliable desktop virtualization solution for our organization. We were particularly surprised of how well the solution worked with our multiple systems and diverse infrastructure components. Their overarching and in-depth assessments convinced us that their partnership is valuable and we have continuously benefited from their services in other IT-related areas of our business.



Given our business constraints, we wanted an IT solution that optimized our core area of activity. Temperfield understood these elements perfectly and presented us with the best options. We are enthusiastic to have them as reliable partners.


Education.Services. Business.Developer

Temperfield’s professionalism means a client-based approach, with a focus on interaction and maximizing the results of the learning process. They are reliable and committed to delivering performance, both of which were factored into the development of our long partnership with Temperfield.



We were enthusiastic to find a company that could not only organize, logically and efficient, our IT infrastructure, but that was also proactive in proposing alternative solutions and ideas. Temperfield was also essential in providing us with timely information, resulting from their continuous monitoring of our IT systems. We truly appreciate Temperfield’s partnership and commitment and we look forward to future projects with them.


Solution.Architecture. Manager

Working with Temperfield eliminates all grief. We had a short timeframe, but they were able to turn this to our advantage and maximize the results of our learning process. We appreciated their commitment and professionalism, as well as their high-level expertise and knowledge.



Temperfield team is the living example of the "SOULMATE IT” concept. In our collaboration, they truly put their hearts and expertise to find also alternative and creative solutions, not only with the mainstream ones, at hand for everyone. I highly appreciate their dedication, openness and true customer orientation. They are not a simple executor, nodding, without understanding what you say and need. They always try and succeed to deliver different and effective solutions to our needs. Most of all, I value their organization culture, based on using new technologies and approaches in our benefit, continuously learning and sharing them with us.




Lemon Studio is a branding and advertising company, active in print, video, audio and digital. Their team is dynamic and their style informal and adaptive.


Our clients were in need of a reliable network management solution, communication and collaboration tools and further IT consulting to match their necessities and resources. The solution had to fit their dynamic style, with increased flexibility.

Implemented Solution

This project confirmed for us the fact that we are a flexible company, capable to adapt according to the client’s requirements without giving up on what differentiates us from other providers. We discussed several options with our client and decided on a solution that fit their needs. This solution included a customized mixture of enterprise solutions, such as Cisco ASA and Cisco switches, and Open Source applications tailored for their actual needs.

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Policolor is one of the most important producers of paint and associated technological processes of paints and lacquers in Europe. Active in different markets including large consumption, auto and industrial, Policolor has achieved preeminence as the regional leader in South-East Europe on many of these segments.


As a large organization, with operations in different markets, Policolor’s IT infrastructure was significantly large. It included as many as 4 datacenters, 8 midrange storage systems, multi-vendor and multi-architecture servers environment and tens of switches and routers throughout their business centers.

The obvious challenge was to ensure that these devices functioned properly and efficiently together and, at the same time, to analyze whether there were potential ways to replace some of these devices with virtualization solutions. We looked to maximizing operational efficiency, while, at the same time, decreasing costs.

Implemented Solution

After discussions with our partners at Policolor, we decided on solutions that would maximize the performance of the existing IT infrastructure and simplify its operations and make it more flexible. The primary challenge at Policolor, in this case, was the complexity of the entire IT framework.

We proposed a system that ensured full-time monitoring and developed an Infrastructure Recovery Plan tailored to address IT systems continuity needs.

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S&T is a leading provider of comprehensive consulting, outsourcing, systems integration and IT services in Central and Eastern Europe. S&T serves companies in the fields of manufacturing, commerce, telecommunications, public services, financial services as well as energy and utility companies. S&T has proven capabilities in delivering IT solutions and can be the right partner for better business results.


S&T worked with a large telecommunication company in Romania on a cloud project that involved VMware technologies. The short project deadlines implied that S&T participants had to become familiar with the applications as soon as possible. Our client was specific about the need for a fast-paced knowledge transfer, condensing the learning process over a shorter period of time.

Implemented Solution

We created a customized training solution for a portfolio of VMware products that included vSphere, vCloud Director and vCenter Orchestrator. Evaluating our client’s needs, we were able to shorten the timeframe for the classes, while still addressing all essential items on our agenda. The classes were dedicated solely to S&T and employees from the telecommunication company, which brought the additional advantage of offering a closed environment where project details could also be discussed.

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IT Infrastructure


Policolor is one of the most important producers of paint and associated technological processes of paints and lacquers in Europe. Active in different markets including large consumption, auto and industrial, Policolor has achieved preeminence as the regional leader in South-East Europe on many of these segments.


Frequent end user platform failures had a negative impact on Policolor’s activity, significantly raising costs related to reprovisioning and minimizing overall operational productivity. This challenge was amplified by the geographic user distribution, determined by the company’s regional presence.

Policolor’s management wanted to implement a virtualization system to centrally manage end-user devices, operating system images, applications and user data. This system aimed to provide a flexible, reliable solution that would lower costs and time spent on desktop support. With this approach, ensuring higher availability and dynamically allocating resources to users would have been easier.

Another reason to support this initiative was the simplified Operating Systems image management, patch and application delivery with this approach. Deployments would be significantly faster, with far less images to manage due to the standard virtual hardware that the desktop operating systems would run from.

This type of approach also aligned with Policolor’s consistent strategy that supports energy sustainable development and with its overall vision of implementing green initiatives, considering lower overall power consumption.

Policolor’s aim was also to define roles within the organization, which would have regulated and better controlled employee access to resources.

Policolor’s management trusted Temperfield with taking over and implementing a virtualization solution that would cover all of their needs and requirements.

Implemented Solution

Temperfield proceeded with a full evaluation of the situation on the ground and proposed the architecture, implementation and project plan. We used a pyramid, bottom-up approach, whereby we started with installing and configuring the hardware (blades, network and storage), added a layer of virtualization and management components, following with an IT infrastructure services (AD, DHCP, DNS) and finalized with desktop virtualization components.

Our focus was on management control and employee accessibility, with proper monitoring. Temperfield paid attention to several relevant security aspects of the VDI infrastructure, to allow maximal performance in a secure environment.

We used VMware View Premiere, IBM blades, Fibre Channel attached IBM DS5000 and IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems as the main components in the architecture.

We worked with our client in order to contribute not only a punctual solution to the problem, but a streamlined structure targeting the IT infrastructure in the organization.

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